Whatever You Are, Be a Good One. -Abraham Lincoln

For nearly eighteen years, I’ve been claiming that our firstborn daughter was so much like me.  We both are very strong willed and hot headed. We both are absolutely, positively NOT morning people. We stay up too late and love junk food and are easily irritated by little things.  We both get anxious in certain situations.  We both thrive on a little mess and chaos.  When we fight it’s WWIII and “I’m never speaking to you again” and slammed doors and tears, and then apologies and laughing an hour later.


Alli takes after me in so many ways.  But tonight I was reminded of the ever more obvious fact that she is also her very own person.


Alli isn’t afraid to put herself out there. Actually, she is afraid but she doesn’t let that fear hold her back.  She has a musical talent that God has blessed her with and has given her the courage to share.  She took the initiative to get involved in a teen ministry program at church,  worked up the nerve to volunteer to be part of the music team in worship, practiced and prayed, and this weekend we got to worship with the high school kids and see Alli share her talent in praise.  In this way she is so NOT like me and I’m so proud!

Watching your kids find their “thing” is super cool.

Here is a link to about a minute of the worship service:



About a year ago, Brian and I made a big and difficult decision after a lot of waiting and praying and started attending a new church.  It’s a big church with thousands of people and we were a bit worried about being lost in the crowd. However, we felt like we were in a critical time in the spiritual lives of our children and that the environment there and the resources would be best for their growth. It has taken some time but all of us are plugging in through various programs and God has moved us in many ways. The growth we ALL have experienced has surprised us and blessed our entire family!


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