No Shame in My Mom Game

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

emptycup (1)

I saw this quote months ago and haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  I had been struggling with feeling overwhelmed and falling further and further behind in….well, EVERYTHING! When someone shared this it struck a nerve.  I had been trying to pour from an empty cup for a long time and I was failing at being the wife, mom, business owner, homemaker,  and friend I wanted to be.

Months later, I sadly haven’t figured out when/where/how to get my cup full.  I know WHAT I could do to get there.  Some time to myself, peace and quiet, time to pray, a pedicure, lunch with friends overlooking the ocean, a great date night with hubby, a Margarita on a Tuesday night,  a fabulous book, a good workout, and probably some chocolate would do the trick.

But how do I get there?  My home requires several DAYS of attention to get to the level of organization and cleanliness I’d need it to be at in order to relax.  I have over 150 open orders in my shop that I’m processing.  I haven’t taken a day off in 6.5 years (including 2 days in which I labored and gave birth!) and I can’t really do it now either.  My kids, well they just won’t go away.  The big ones need rides and meals and money.  The little ones need to be held and read to.  We are in the middle of both potty training and drivers training. There’s no end in sight.

So, I say all that in preparation for this plea: PLEASE share with me how you fill your cup a little bit at a time!  Help a sister out!


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