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Don’t Go To Work

Collage 2016-05-23 09_05_44

Most mornings, I’m up as soon as I can be and trying to get some time in at work before my mommy gig starts.  This morning I had 90 glorious minutes and was on a roll!

I had one more order to finish up and pack so I could catch my breath, when little Finley came down the stairs.  She had already gotten up and gone potty all on her own (yessssssss!) and looked like such a big girl.  She put her arms up and said “Hold you?”  so I stopped everything to snuggle her in our big comfy chair.  Then she said “Mommy, don’t go to work.”  Ah, my heart!!!!  Work can wait.


**I work from home running my own business, which is a blessing and a curse.  I love being here when my kids wake up and when they come and go to school.  I can work in my regular uniform (i.e., yoga pants and a t-shirt), and I work whenever I want.  But work never, ever ends.  It’s always sitting there making me feel guilty if I’m not on the job.  And when I’m on the job, I’m looking at my messy house and wishing I could play with the kids instead.  This may be changing soon…I’ll keep you posted!


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