These Are The Good Old Days

Confessions of a Retired Taxi Driver

For 17.75 years now, one of my many job duties as a mom has been taxi driver.  I’ve shuttled my kids back and forth to 13 schools, ballet lessons, soccer practice, drama/acting classes, cheer practice, babysitting jobs, work, church activities, and COUNTLESS sleepovers/playdates/social activities. With the addition of the babies I have been so burned out on this taxi mom gig that I was going a wee bit crazy!

My oldest daughter got her drivers license a couple weeks ago.  And instantly, my life changed.  My taxi mom days are done. Overnight.  She happily drives kids to and from school, takes her sister to and from work,  and gets herself to all her jobs, social, and church activities.  I’ve been retired.

I have no regrets on this retirement, but I was thinking about it this morning as Alli headed out to pick Macy up from a sleepover.   I might miss the rides to places where we talked about how excited they were and what they were going to do.  I might miss picking them up and having them recall all the events that took place at their destination.  I’ll definitely miss the rare opportunities to be alone with one of my kids in the car and all the great talks we’ve had in those times together.

It’s a weird milestone.  A great one,  but definitely weird.   Kid #2 will be driving in a few more months and I’ll have even less running around in my life.

I’m sure as these kids grow, more and more of my jobs will be outsourced and my role in their lives will shrink and change.  I don’t want to think about all that right now.  Instead, I’ll be continually refreshing my GPS tracking app so I can know where my babies are at all the time.  I’m with them in spirit.IMG_20160524_110027



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