These Are The Good Old Days

It’s Okay to Blink – thoughts from 8/2/2016

I wrote this blog post on Alli’s 18th birthday almost half a year ago, but never published it.  There are a LOT of emotions that go into having a child turn 18, and we’ve been on a bit of a wild ride since that time that we are still working out.  But as I re-read… Continue reading It’s Okay to Blink – thoughts from 8/2/2016

No Shame in My Mom Game · These Are The Good Old Days

Mighty and Three

Oh my, this arrow #5 keeps me on my toes.  Just today, she decided to pee on the front step.  Yes, pee.  She also spilled a full glass of milk at dinner, she played with play-dough on my couch, got crumbs in my bed, and as you can see from the photo, she put a… Continue reading Mighty and Three

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Farewell, 2016

What a year!  In 2016, I… Started a new job Weaned a baby Turned 40 in style Traveled to Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Big Bear, Chicago, Michigan, Philadelphia, Delaware, upstate New York, Vermont, the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and all 5 boroughs of NYC Survived my first child getting a driver’s license and second… Continue reading Farewell, 2016