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Farewell, 2016

What a year!  In 2016, I…

  • Started a new job
  • Weaned a baby
  • Turned 40 in style
  • Traveled to Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Big Bear, Chicago, Michigan, Philadelphia, Delaware, upstate New York, Vermont, the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and all 5 boroughs of NYC
  • Survived my first child getting a driver’s license and second child getting a permit
  • Watched 2 of my children give their testimony and be baptized
  • Completed a one-on-one bible study through our church called Partners
  • Bought my husband a JEEP!
  • Went to an Angels game, an A’s game, and a Jets game
  • Visited Disneyland and Seaworld
  • Grew closer to great friends


I love all the highlights of 2016 and am so thankful.  But I’m also thankful for the lowlights that don’t deserve bullet points.  The struggles that I’ve gone through personally and with those close to me.  The sleepless nights filled with worry that I was too tired and selfish to pray through.  The anxiety over our future.  The exhaustion of working while taking care of 6 children.   The times I doubted instead of trusted.  The days I forgot to pray or be thankful.  But I am just as grateful for those as for the items that merited those bullet points. They all led me to right here, right now, and I know this is where I’m supposed to be.

I’m doing a Facebook fast for the month of January for several reasons, the most relevant to my blog being that I want to blog more.  Once I got going full time in my new job I dropped the ball on posting and I really want to document 2017 here.

So, follow my blog to hold me accountable, please!





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