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#kcsfab40 Trip – DAY TWO!

On day two of our trip, we woke up in the beautiful Berkshires near Lee, Massachusetts.  We stayed at the Black Swan Inn, and HIGHLY recommend it for your visit to the area.  It is situated right on Laurel Lake, with beautiful mountain and water views.  I can imagine in the summer time it would be a really fun place to stay with the kids and enjoy the water. For us on this early December morning it was a stunning place to wake up to. We had breakfast overlooking the water while we prepped for a full day of adventure!

The view of Laurel Lake from the back steps of the Black Swan Inn – Lee, MA

The town of Lee, Massachusetts was so adorably impressive that I started envisioning what it would be like to live there.  That’s saying a lot considering how much I LOVE where we live!  We drove through Lee and hopped on the Massuchusetts turnpike, heading East and South through the region.

We drove through Springfield, Mass. and then from the top to the bottom of Connecticut, including Hartford. Our morning pitstop was Yale University.  On a trip to Boston we had visited Harvard, so we thought it would be appropriate to make this stop.  And, now we can say we went to Harvard and Yale, so there’s that.


Yale was picturesque, beautiful, and as “Ivy League” as we could have imagined.  We parked and walked around campus and the nearby shopping area for a while before getting back on the road.

Lunch was a stop in Westport, Connecticut at the Black Duck Cafe, which is a former circa 1840 barge, now turned tavern right on the Saugatuck River.  I was feeling brave and asked them to give me their most popular item, which turned out to be a Lobster Roll, one of the “official” foods of Connecticut.  It wasn’t my thing, but I was proud of myself for trying!

After lunch, we made our way west toward New York City and the rest of our trip. I cannot describe the excitement that I was feeling as we got closer and closer!

We stopped in Queens and saw the Mets stadium along with Arthur Ashe stadium and the site of the US Open.  We followed that with a drive into the Bronx, a quick stop to see Yankee Stadium, and a crossing over the George Washington bridge through the tip of Manhattan into New Jersey.


Once we arrived in New Jersey, we stopped at Walmart to grab groceries and some New York Jets gear, and then we checked into our little AirBnb apartment in Jersey City. We had the sweetest hostess – I’ll share the details of our place in another post since we do happily recommend it!
We thought we would be too exhausted to do anything else on that Friday night, but we really wanted to watch some college football playoffs and didn’t have cable, so we rallied and took a bus into Manhattan to watch football at Buffalo Wild Wings Times Square after a long walk around midtown!
Kelli’s travel tips from this day:
  • Flushing Meadows/Corona Park is worth a visit and pretty easy!  Parking is free at the Queens Museum, which would also be a fun things to explore, and there were no crowds around as we checked out the Unisphere and park.
  • If you are staying in Jersey City/Hoboken, look for info on the smaller buses.  The one we used at the recommendation of our AirBnb hostess was $3 each way and came by constantly. No worrying about bus schedules and stops. It literally would drop you off wherever you liked.
  • Times Square doesn’t seem to ever sleep.  Even being there from 9 pm until after midnight there wasn’t plenty to see and do, but the crowds were less insane.  As touristy and cliche as it is, it’s still worth seeing, and late at night may be the best time to take in all the lights without being packed in like sardines!
Links from OUR itinerary to help you plan YOUR itinerary!

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