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#kcsfab40 Trip – DAY FOUR!

We woke up on a beautiful Sunday in Jersey City and started our day in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. One really fun and free activity in NYC is people watching, and this was an awesome location for that! Washington Square Park is an iconic New York spot that you may recognize from a movie or two. Here is a glimpse of it in the movie that comes to MY mind when I see it.  It may or may not be because this particular movie STILL give me nightmares!


It has been a public park since 1827, long before our state was even a state (did you know I love history and have a history degree?)  Does anyone see a resemblance between the man in my photo below and a certain former president?


After a visit to the park and a stroll through Greenwich Village and NYU, we got to meet up with a friend from back home and her husband near Little Italy and Chinatown. It was such a treat to see her after 20 years and we had a blast catching up over coffee and pastries at Cafe Integral – I recommend a stop into this quaint little coffee shop!


We explored Chinatown and Little Italy for a while, having lunch at an amazing little Italian place called Cafe Napoli and buying cannolis and nougat from street vendors. Then we headed back to Central Park for a while (we can’t resist Central Park!) before making a trip up to Harlem. For dinner we stopped at Gray’s Papaya hot dogs on the Upper West side.  This is another spot you may recognize from a movie or two – it’s talked about in one of my favorites, Fools Rush In!



The famous Apollo theater in Harlem


Gray’s Papaya is located on the Upper West side, at 72nd Street and Broadway/Amsterdam.



Links from our itinerary to help you plan yours!





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