Wanderlust & Adventure

Denver – Fergie 2017 Summer Adventure, Day 8

After our drive over from Grand Junction, we hung out in Denver for 2 nights, staying in Westminster.  We stayed at the Cottonwood Suites, which was fabulous because the room had a kitchenette AND free breakfast.

During the day while I worked, Brian took Finley and Pierce and met up with some of our friends who moved to the Denver area from SoCal a couple years prior. They had a fun playdate!

After work, we met up at Casa Bonita in Denver for dinner.  I don’t know how to best describe Casa Bonita, so here is their Google description: “Mex eats & pageantry such as divers plunging into a pool below a 30-ft. waterfall & puppet shows.”  It’s…interesting. I definitely would say it’s worth going to once in your lifetime!


We headed to downtown Denver after dinner to try Little Man Ice Cream (MUST MUST MUST TRY!) and have some playtime with friends as it got dark. As you can see, the line was around the block. We love Denver!



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