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4 States in 1 Day – Fergie 2017 Summer Adventure, Day 9

On the second Saturday of our trip, we woke up in Westminster, Colorado with a full day of adventure ahead of us and lots of miles on the road! At the end of the day, we had also been in Wyoming and Nebraska and were settled in to Rapid City, South Dakota for the next three nights.  Our drive took us north from Denver to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where we hung out for an hour or so.  The drive was beautiful, and we loved how big and grand the Colorado skies are.



Once in Cheyenne, we drove past the state capitol and explored the downtown area for a bit.  It was very quaint and Old West.


From Cheyenne, we drove about 90 minutes northeast to head into Nebraska and visit Scotts Bluff. This was our second new state of the day!


The Scotts Bluff was really cool.  It rises 800 feet above an otherwise pretty darn flat landscape. It was an important landmark for travelers on the Oregon, Mormon, and California trails, and you can see why when you are there.


As a girl with a history degree, you can imagine how thrilling it was to stand on the Oregon trail and think of the history that went down here.


But our day still wasn’t done! We had the goal of making it to Mount Rushmore in time for the evening program, so back on the road we went.  But we couldn’t resist a stop at Carhenge.  Who has heard of Carhenge?  Check out these photos! And here is more info on Carhenge – definitely a fun little stop if you are ever near Alliance, Nebraska in the northern part of the state: http://carhenge.com/


Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and our day still wasn’t done!  We cranked out the remainder of our drive and arrived to Mount Rushmore just in time for the evening program. Much more on Mount Rushmore on another day’s post.  I recommend the evening program is you do NOT have small children with you. It was a bit long for them but we would have otherwise loved it. They also pay tribute to veterans in the crowd which was nice.



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