Wanderlust & Adventure

Rapid City and Mount Rushmore – Fergie 2017 Summer Adventure, Day 10

On Sunday, we woke up in Rapid City with a fun day planned.  When researching things to do in Rapid City, we realized ahead of time that there was going to be a big Christian Music Festival in town called Hills Alive, so we started and ended our Sunday there.  It was great!

Sunday morning worship
Hanging out with George H.W. in downtown Rapid City.  There are statues for all of the US Presidents scattered around the downtown area.  
Matthew West concert on Sunday evening at Hills Alive – we loved it!

In between our visits to the music festival, we visited Mount Rushmore for the afternoon and drove around a bit in the Black Hills.


First taste of cotton candy – he didn’t like it much at the time!
I wasn’t expecting it to be so woodsy around the bottom of Mount Rushmore, for some reason. It was a nice little hike/walk!


We didn’t have time to visit Crazy Horse, but were fortunate to drive by and get a quick peek!




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