Wanderlust & Adventure

Day 11 – Rapid City and Badlands National Park – Fergie Summer Adventure 2017

On Monday, Pierce was not feeling well and I had a full day of work to put in, so I left Brian and the kids at the hotel and I telecommuted from a beautiful park and a Starbucks in Rapid City.  Once I was done with work, Pierce seemed up for an adventure so we took a side trip out to Badlands National Park to look around and do a bit of hiking.

Badlands was amazing – so unique and beautiful. In some parts it looked like what I imagine the moon would look like!  I took a million pictures, so instead of talking about it, I just want to share all of those.


We are so glad we took this little one hour detour from Rapid City to see Badlands National Park!

On the way back to Rapid City for the night, we stopped at Wall Drug, one of the most famous and visited roadside attractions in the world.  It was really cute and they have a great story: http://www.walldrug.com/about-us

We had a donut, looked around the shop and little town, and then headed back for one more night in Rapid City before we were Wyoming-bound.


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