Wanderlust & Adventure

Day 12 – Devil’s Tower and Sheridan, WY

On Tuesday, we were ready to leave Rapid City!  It is a beautiful area, and I highly recommend visiting.  There is definitely a slower pace to life there than what we are accustomed to.

Tuesday afternoon on day 12, we started our journey to Wyoming and eventually Yellowstone.  Our goal for this day was to visit Devil’s Tower National Monument and end the day in Sheridan, and that was about all our day consisted of, which was okay with us!

The drive from Rapid City to Devil’s Tower is less than two hours, so it is something you could do as a day trip while staying in the Black Hills or Rapid City. You can also stop and see Sturgis and Deadwood on the way, which we didn’t have time to do.

Sheridan was another two hours past Devil’s Tower, and where we ordered a pizza, ate in bed, and called it a day. Next stop: Cody and Yellowstone!


We started getting excited when we could see it in the distance. How cool is that?!
Devil’s Tower was featured in the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” – it definitely has an out-of-this-world appearance!
Wyoming is a truly beautiful state. I enjoyed every bit of it – amazing scenery!


We hiked around the base of Devil’s Tower before heading to Sheridan for the night.



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