Wanderlust & Adventure

Chicago, October 2017

In early October, Brennah and I came across some cheap flights to Chicago (like, <$100 roundtrip per person!) so we asked my mom if wanted to do a girls’ weekend in the Windy City.  She was up for the adventure, so we booked flights, and took off the weekend before Halloween.  It was a fun weekend!


Chicago is such a beautiful city.  The river cuts right through the heart of it, and I love all the different bridges going through town!
First stop: Goddess & The Baker for some coffee and a mid-afternoon snack. Yum!
So cool to see this up close and in person!
We relied on public transportation for the entire stay.  The train and bus system is so convenient and easy to figure out!
Beautiful Chicago River views…
The Bean!  aka Cloudgate in Millenium Park
Lake Michigan on a gorgeous, crispy Sunday fall morning.
Goddess & The Baker
We splurged on the architecture river tour – it is a MUST DO! We learned so much about Chicago’s history and a lot of fascinating facts about architecture.
The Train Stop from “While You Were Sleeping”

We LOVE Chicago!  This was our second visit and I’m sure not the last!



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