Day 22 – Oregon Bound!

Getting everyone to Oregon on day 22 was no small task.  My parents and brother and his family were all en route from central California.  Our oldest four kids drove from SoCal to central California, where they picked Brian and Pierce up, who flew down from Boise that morning to help the big kids make the rest of the drive to Oregon!


Dropping the boys off at the Boise airport Friday morning

Meanwhile, Finley and I made the 5 hour drive from Boise to the Bend, Oregon area all on our own.  It was my first time in Eastern Oregon.  It was very empty, but beautiful!


Eastern Oregon between the Idaho border and Burns

We met up with Brian and the other kids in Bend for dinner. It was a great reunion for the 8 of us after being apart for three weeks!  We were super excited to make the drive to Black Butte.  So excited, in fact, that when there was some sort of traffic jam a mile from the entrance to Black Butte, some of us got out and walked the rest of the way!


Now, it was time to fully enjoy our happy place for ten whole days!



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